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International relocations are no easy task. It's very important that you know which international removalist best suits your needs and budget. An international removalist can arrange extra services like storage, packing, assembly, car shipping and pet shipping. Because international removalists offer different services it's best to compare quotes so you can be sure you're not making any mistakes in your choice of international removalists. To get started you'll only need to select the country you want to move from and your destination country. Complete the three easy steps and receive your FREE international removalists quotes today. was founded by a team consisting of people with an international relocation background and people that have worked in the quotation industry. This means our team is highly qualified to provide best form of communication between you and international removalist companies.


Found this website very helpful because I had no idea how to organize my move from Wellington to Amsterdam. The moving company I chose was very helpful and took care of most of the paperwork for me which took away a lot of my worries. This service is spot on!
Posted by : Clayton, New Zealand on 22 January 2014

I've used for my move from Australia to London. I was in contact with a few moving companies before I found out about so I was aware of the price of an international move, at least I thought I was. After comparing 4 other moving companies (I've excluded the ones I was already in contact with) I saved so much money on my move. I'd recommend this site to anyone planning on moving internationally.
Posted by : Maria, Australia on 19 January 2014